Foam Brushes

Foam paintbrushes will work with almost any paint or polyurethane on any project.

They come with a plain wooden handle and a Black foam.

They are great for paintings, varnish, latex, oil paints, applying dyes etc.

Foam brushes give a perfect finish without any brush marks or bristles. They are very cheap when compared to other brushes.

Foam Brushes are quick and easy to use. They come in different 3 sizes and these brushes come with tapered head, this makes it easy when applying paints and other materials.

These brushes do not look 'perfection' but they are strong and sturdy & have outlasted the more beautiful looking ones. You can push down hard to spread the paint & they wash over & over.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Foam Brush 1 Inch $1.10


Foam Brush 1 Inch

Foam Brush 50mm $1.32


Foam Brush 50mm

Foam Brush 75mm $1.54


Foam Brush 75mm

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