Golden Taklon

Premium quality golden synthetic brushes offer exceptional resilience, point and edge.

Golden Taklon brushes are widely used decorative painting brushes.

The brushes contain three thicknesses of the finest golden dyed synthetic filaments.

They are highly absorbent, durable and versatile.

They are designed to perform like fine natural sable hair at an economical price.

The high durability of these synthetic filaments resist abuse and breakage while providing excellent snap with fine points and sharp edges.

  • Comb (BQR730) for special textured effects, one stroke square edged multiple lines, hair, grass, feathers & wood graining.

  • Filbert Comb (BQR930) for fluffy Santa beards, fur, grass, feathers & hair, rounded edged multiple lines in one stroke.

  • Filbert (BQR170) for round edge strokes, blending colours in rounded areas, and painting rounded petals and leaves.

  • Glaze (BQR700) to float and blend colours, make broad square strokes and basecoat large squared objects.

  • Script Liners (BQR585) Script Liners (script/scribble) extra long stroke work, extra long lines and scrolling and create long continuous borders.

  • Liners (BQR595) Monogram Liner for extra thin lines, painting small strokes and creating the tiniest details.

  • Round (BQR250) to paint broad lines, fill in rounded area and for decorative stroke work.

  • Shaders (BQR150) (also know as flat brushes)to blend or float colours, create sharp edges and basecoat square objects.

  • Angular Shader (BQR160) Angular Shader to paint angled shapes, sharp edges for basecoating & float or blend colours in tight areas.

  • Chisel Blender (BQR150S) Chisel Blender to create sharp edges, blend thick paint colours and basecoat small square objects.

  • Dagger Stripper (BQR190) Dagger Stripper for long varied strokes, long ribbons strokes and long borders and faus marble veining.

  • Deer Foot Stippler (BQR650) Deer Foot Stippler for stippling and texture, fur on animals and clothing and foliage on trees and bushes.

New Craft Supplies For March - Golden Taklon

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