Foam Balls-Polystyrene Shapes

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Foam Balls in many sizes
Foam Eggs
Foam Cones
Foam Bells
Foam Stars
Foam Hearts
The best glue for polystyrene is PVA or Tacky. Foam Balls
Poly Balls are widely used for craft and construction projects by school children.
A variety of sizes can be used to make models of the solar system.
Poly Balls can be threaded onto tubular silk ribbon and spaced with metallic beads to create fabric necklaces.
Poly Balls can covered with short pins and beads to make beaded balls.
Cover them with fabric or paper to make decorations or floral and table arrangements.
Poly balls can be glued together to make models, mobiles, and decorations for window displays.
Poly balls can be screen printed by a method called pad printing for advertising material.
Other uses are to make Xmas Decorations, by covering with fabric, paint, paper, beads or wrapping with threads and cords.
The balls can be made into dummy heads for dolls, dummy cakes for cake decorating displays, topiary trees, and used by doll makers for moulding dolls skirts.
Foam Bells can be used as moulds for crocheted wedding bells, decorations for weddings and wedding receptions, and for moulding dolls skirts. Foam Bells are also great for Christmas decorations
Foam Cones have pointed tops. They are used to make decorated Xmas Trees, covered in paper, ribbons, chocolates, bonbons, sweets and toys. Lolly and Cup Cake Trees for kids and adult birthday parties, bodies for Xmas Angels (just add a head), bodies for Amish dolls (just add an egg) and bases for table decorations.
Foam Eggs can be decorated as dummy Easter eggs to be hidden for an Easter hunt, added to Easter bonnets, heads for Patchwork Amish dolls, window decorations for chocolate shops at Easter. Foam Eggs are also very popular to use with cake decorating.
Foam Hearts are used for decorations for Weddings, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day
Foam Stars can be decorated to top the Cone Xmas Trees, painted with glow in the dark paint and hung from the ceiling in children's rooms, and for window displays.

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