Pom Pom | Chenille

  • Pom Poms are fluffy balls made from chenille.
  • craft.com.au pom poms are available in 5mm,7mm,10mm,13mm,20mm,25mm,38mm,50mm,63mm and 75mm.
    They are colorfast and can be washed and dried in a bag in a clothes dryer
    Glue or sew pom poms to clothing to create bunnies, bears and other pom pom pals.
    They are ideal for many other kid's craft projects.
  • Glitter Poms Poms are fluffy balls made from chenille with glitter threads
    Glitter Pom Poms are available in 7mm, 10mm 13mm 20mm and 25mm only.
    These are used to make Xmas and Party Decorations.

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