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DecoArt Paint is available in Australia to buy online from

The non-toxic paint range includes Americana, Crafter's Acrylics, Craft Twinkles, Gel Stains, Sand Stones, So Soft, Dazzling Metallics, Stencil Paint, Ultra Gloss Glass Paint etc..

Mixed with mediums the paints can be painted on surfaces such as Wood, Fabric, Glass and Fabric.

These paints are safe and any one can use them with confidence.

New Craft Supplies For April - Art : DecoArt : Paint

DecoArt Easy Blend Brush & Stencil Cleaner
Characteristics : Brush & Stencil Cleaner is a water-based, concentrated formula used for cleaning stencils and reconditioning paintbrushes. This product works well to remove acrylic and oil-based p...

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DecoArt Star Lite Topcoat 2oz
Product Description:Star Lite Topcoat is a soft, glittering top coat that adds sparkle to a variety of hard craft surfaces. Star Lite Topcoat may be used as a top coat for any acrylic paint. It dries ...

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DecoArt Canvas Gel 2oz
Product Description:Canvas Gel is a product to use with acrylic paints for canvas painting.It gives a dimensional look by enabling layering of paint on canvas, slows drying time for maximum workabilit...

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