Soft hackle feathers are generally feathers which come from game birds. These high quality Hackle Feathers are mostly used in Headdresses. In many armies of some Commonwealth countries the hackle is commonly attached to the feather bonnet worn by Highland regiments. The color of the hackle varies from regiment to regiment.

They are ideal for Masks, Decorations, Floral Arrangements, Fly Tying etc. You can cut and shaped with a pair of scissors to be used in craft projects. Hackle feather pads are great for costumes, crafts, hats, epaulets, renaissance attire, head dresses, bridal wear, mardi gras, sashes, flower crafts, doll making, carnivals, mardi gras, Halloween, Christmas, miniatures, dusters, cat toys and almost any application where similar feather style is required in various sizes.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Badger Hackle Strung Natural $4.95


Badger Hackle Strung Natural

Furnace Hackle Strung Natural $4.95


Furnace Hackle Strung Natural

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