Product Image Price- Item Name
DecoArt Canvas Gel 2oz $4.82


DecoArt Canvas Gel 2oz

Product Description: Canvas Gel is a product to use with acrylic paints for canvas painting. It gives a dimensional look by enabling layering of...
DecoArt Easy Blend Brush & Stencil Cleaner $5.70


DecoArt Easy Blend Brush & Stencil Cleaner

Characteristics : Brush & Stencil Cleaner is a water-based, concentrated formula used for cleaning stencils and reconditioning paintbrushes. This...
DecoArt Glamour Dust 29.5g $11.42


DecoArt Glamour Dust 29.5g

Product Description: A dry, very fine sprinkle-on glitter used to add sparkle to painted fabric and craft projects. Number of Colours: 1 Painting...
DecoArt Star Lite Topcoat 2oz $4.81


DecoArt Star Lite Topcoat 2oz

Product Description: Star Lite Topcoat is a soft, glittering top coat that adds sparkle to a variety of hard craft surfaces. Star Lite Topcoat may be...

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