Plastic Products

  • Plastic Bottles. These are great for decanting glue; paint or any product brought in large quantities and sold in smaller amounts.

  • Crystal Reflections.We have 2 types both hearts, one with holes, so it lets the smell out, from what ever you have put in it. These are great for Mothers Day or Valentines Day, as kids can put chocolates for mum in them etc.

  • Plastic Canvas mesh shapes. For Needlework and Kids Craft, these are great for kids threading work, the squares work well for making boxes. The hearts look great when embroidered using glittery threads for Mothers Day and Valentines Day.

  • Rexlace. This product is flat, is great for Scoubidous work, where a flat finish is required, it is also good for threading on the plastic mesh to achieve a flat finish.

  • Plastic S’getti. In multitudes of colours and 2 sizes for all macramé needs. S’getti works well with Scoubidous work, can be used on the plastic mesh shapes for count work, can also be used for lacing work. You could use this product anywhere a tied effect is needed. Its great for outdoors.

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