Toy Parts

  • stocks a very large range of toy making supplies.
  • Angel Wings in two sizes. See our Kits to make Star bead Angels or add a wing to a Thumbelina Dolls to make an Angel
  • Cane Wedding Baskets. The fancy baskets are made from finely woven cane and are suitable for holding sweets, dried flowers and Easter eggs.
  • Faces If you have trouble painting faces use these. We have iron-on and appliqué iron-on.
    We also have creative faces made from plaster that can be used as a dolls face.
  • Hair Check out our many types of hair to give your dolls and puppets extra dimension and personality.
  • Hats Place a hat on your doll to give it added character.
  • Plastic Bear Pellets in a 500 gram bag. They are HDPE High Density Polyethylene and are food contactable.
    They are used for making children's toys and food containers.(They are non-toxic and safe to chew).
  • Squeakers Use these to add noise to your toys.

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