Lawn is a 100% cotton woven fabric. These plain colored fabrics are lightweight sheer cloth and they are crisp. It has a crease resistant finish. Lawn is suitable for all kinds of weather. They are specially used in ladies' and children's summer dresses, blouses, nightwear, underwear, lingerie, sash curtains, infant wear including christening gowns, handkerchiefs, collar cuffs, shirting etc. Lawn gives a very soft, smooth feel.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Lawn 90cm Mid Brown per metre $2.20

Min:  5

Lawn 90cm Mid Brown per metre

Lawn 90cm Mid Brown per metre. This is good quality lawn spoilt by a fold along the centre which has sun damage. If you have use for fabric 45cms...
Lawn Colours 90cm, Black $6.05


Lawn Colours 90cm, Black

Lawn Colours 90cm, Black

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