Beading Craft Wire-Tiger Tail

Beading Craft Wire Made in Taiwan is used in Jewelry making and craft projects.
It is available in different thicknesses called gauge.
Buy best priced Beading Wire in 20, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 gauge in copper, gold and silver colored metal. 26 and 28 gauge in colors.
Craft beading wire is an essential product for beading projects and can be easily cut with craft pliers.
Grading from thickest to finest in order is 20 guage,24 guage,26 guage,28 guage,32 gauge and finest 34 gauge.
26 gauge wire is the most popular for general purpose work, including knitted and crocheted jewelry.
28 gauge is finer and more easily crocheted or knitted to make earrings, necklaces, evening bags etc.
Thread some seed beads on wire and start knitting or crocheting!! Great fun and the stitches don't run away. Why not give it a go?
Black Wire 19guage sold in a 15meter coil is a very versatile wire as is easy to bend

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