These Crochet Yarns, are Beautiful to Crochet or Knit with, they have a lustre finish.

They are High quality and are in different colors.

They can withstand considerable stresses when pulled from sharp crochet hooks.

These are available in 50gms balls. Not sold by meter.

The Crochet Yarns are 3 ply Rayon yarn. They have been used to make bootees, jackets & bonnets for Christening outfits for babies.

Wash by Hand and dry flat.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Crochet Yarn Biscuit 50gms $13.09


Max: 12

Crochet Yarn Biscuit 50gms

3ply Rayon Yarn.
Crochet Yarn Black 50gms $13.09


Max: 4

Crochet Yarn Black 50gms

3ply Rayon Yarn.
Crochet Yarn Bone 50gms. $13.09


Max: 1

Crochet Yarn Bone 50gms.

3ply Rayon Yarn.
Crochet Yarn Pale Blue 50gms $13.09


Max: 2

Crochet Yarn Pale Blue 50gms

3ply Rayon Yarn.

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