DecoArt Easy Cling Stencils

Easy Cling stencils are cut from special film, which allows them to cling to non-porous surfaces such as glass, plastic, plated or finishes metals, glazed ceramics, china and vinyl.
The film's "static electricity" as well as its flexibility makes these stencils ideal for use on rounded and curved surfaces.
Easy Cling stencils do not require any stencil adhesives, so there’s no mess to interfere with paints or to require extra cleaning.
Each Easy cling stencil has more than five designs, which can easily be separated by cutting along the perforated lines.
Easy Cling stencils are designed for use with Deco Art’s Ultra Gloss Basic, Metallic, Pearl, or Glitter Air-Cure Enamels, or other acrylic enamels that adhere to glass.

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