Liquid Sequins

Liquid Sequins are big, bright, brush-on, non-toxic, liquid glitter paints for fabric and crafts. Liquid Sequins give you the kind of glitter and sparkle you’ve dreamed about without any of the mess, waste and washout problems of “sprinkle on” glitter. You get all the glitz and glamour of sparkling sequins in a brush-on glitter paint. They dry super soft and pliable, permanent and washable. They also come in Pastel Liquid Sequins: - These have been developed especially for use on light coloured fabrics.Liquid Sequins is a fabulous product. It can be put onto almost anything to give it a sparkle. For a solid look , base coat the item first in a similar colour to the sequins. It is designed for fabric painting and once on a tee shirt or on a tulle fairy wing it will not come off! On fabric garments the tackiness settles after a few washes.

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