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We stock the most comprehensive range of adhesives to cover all your gluing needs, including the "Craft Smart" range.

This includes: Acid Free, Basic Craft Glue, PVAs, Fabric Stiffeners, Fray Stop, Gem Bond, Premium Bond and Glaze Paste.

Our 'No More Pins' are great for eliminating pinning work before sewing.

Off N On available at craft is great for bonding where a removable (but strong) bond is required.

Tacky Glue is great for virtually ALL surfaces.

You Can Wash It is great for bonding beads, sequins, wiggly eyes, glitter and rhinestones to fabric permanently.

Product Image Price- Item Name
CS Fabric Stiffener 250ml $9.31


Max: 1

CS Fabric Stiffener 250ml

Craft Smart Fabric Stiffener 250ml Permanently stiffens all types of fabrics. When wet, it enable the user to mould the fabric to any shape desired....
CS Glaze Paste 250g $13.35


Max: 5

CS Glaze Paste 250g

Great for decoupage projects. It's all you need to prime, paste and seal. Just brush on, apply cut-out and brush again. Available in 250g. Tub. Clean...
CS Off 'n On 125ml $7.50


Max: 5

CS Off 'n On 125ml

Off n'On is an excellent glue for re positioning applique or for any removable section as it is easily replaced just by pressing back into position....
CS PVA Glue 250ml $6.49


Max: 11

CS PVA Glue 250ml

CRAFTSMART PVA GLUE 250ML A high solid-content glue used for bonding wood, and many other materials with a porous surface such as paper, fabric and...

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