Knitting Nylon 20mm

20mm Nylon Knitting yarn is suitable for knitting or crochet.

It is Ideal for making bath mats, coat hangers, hats, bags, etc. It comes in 20mm and 25mm and the roll lengths vary. The website images for the colours are not very true so we have used the braid/tassel colour numbers as a guide and these can be found on our website.

As a rough guide one metre of ribbon in both widths weighs approx 1gram. The weight is approximate only. Our rolls are 2 times or more, longer than the standed rolls on sale at shops. Check the weights.

New Craft Supplies For January - Knitting Nylon Ribbon

25mm Knitting Nylon 22 Peach approx 160g
25mm Knitting Nylon 22 Peach approx 160g...

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