Bullion 35mm

  • Bullion Fringe. This style of fringe is a decorative heavier rayon loop fringe with a twist. The fringe is colourfast and dry cleaning is recommended. It is extensively used in home decorating, adding a touch of olde world charm to curtains, cushions, bolsters, throws, bedspreads and table covers. It has applications for theatrical decoration and church alter cloths and robes.

  • Product Image Price- Item Name
    Rayon Bullion 35mm Bone $5.48

    Min:  2
    Max: 145

    Rayon Bullion 35mm Bone

    Rayon Bullion 35mm Bone price per mtr full card 30m
    Rayon Bullion 35mm Scarlet $5.48

    Min:  2
    Max: 25

    Rayon Bullion 35mm Scarlet

    Rayon Bullion 35mm Scarlet price per meter
    Rayon Bullion 35mm Willow $5.48

    Min:  2
    Max: 50

    Rayon Bullion 35mm Willow

    Rayon Bullion 35mm Willow price per mtr full card 30m

    New Craft Supplies For May - Fringe Bullion

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