Artists Tools

Essential items for Artists are
a brush cleaning tank
brush caddy to store brushes
a stylus to transfer the design
a sanding sponge to smooth the surface.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
BQRD41 Brush Caddy Container

Brush Caddy Container

A light weight acrylic caddy container to store brushes safely.


Max: 16

BQRD40 Brush Cleaning Tank

Brush Cleaning Tank

The brush cleaning tank with a grid on a stand so brushes can be massaged to clean. This action helps to remove the paint from the ferrule. Brush and...


Max: 27

SAP2F4 Sanding Pad 2 sided

Sanding Pad 2 sided

Sanding Pad with two sanding faces. Price is per pad


Max: 143

BQRD15 Stylus Micro | Double End

Stylus Micro | Double End

Wooden handle double ended fine stylus. Use to transfer patterns to your work.


Max: 1616

BQRD5 Stylus | Double Ball 5.5

Stylus | Double Ball 5.5

Double ball Wooden stylus tool. Ball tips .045" & .072" Suitable for making large dots, smooth lines in clay, or embossing soft metal or paper. Use...


Max: 2438

New Craft Supplies For September - Artists Tools

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