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DecoArt Paper Napkins

DecoArt Paper Napkins There are 20 napkins in the pack.
Each Napkin has 3 layers which can be carefully separated to use in a program called Napkin Decor.
Napkin Decor is an easy and clever way to create a hand-painted look with ultra -thin designer napkins and DecoArt Clear Mediums.
Make quick gifts or products to sell on market days or on trading tables.
Old junk can be rejuvenated, clear glassware can be turned into stunning pieces, decorative bowls, plates, vases, and lamps.
The napkins can be used to decorate an entire room with a theme.
The napkins can be applied to the furniture, walls, tiles, pots, curtains candles, lamps etc. Old tins, milo, and biscuit and glass jars can be painted and decorated with a napkin.
These decorated tins and jars can be filled with goodies, and given as a gift.
The hardest part to this craft is cutting the napkins.
A free idea booklet on NAPKIN DECOR can be placed in with your order.
We stock a range of high quality ultra thin designer DecoArt 3-ply napkins, in 20 piece packs.
Whether a novice or experienced crafter, the Napkin Decor program makes it easy for anyone to add colorful, intricate designs to terra cotta, fabric, candles, soap, ornaments, wood, plastic, styrofoam, paper mache, glassware, and fired ceramics.
To achieve a hand-painted look, simply coat the surface with the appropriate medium, adheres the napkin design, then apply another coat of medium over the napkin.
Items may be painted to match the background color of the napkin, or the napkin design may be cut out and placed over a contrasting background.
Some of the themes we stock are Christmas, Beach, Garden, Fruit, Plants, Flowers, Special Days, Children.

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