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Dry Brush Stencil Paint Creme

Easy Blend Stencil Paint Creme , looks like solid paint but has the consistency of lipstick and a smooth, creamy texture when applied.
It gives beautiful, long-lasting, lightfast color to walls, wood, fabric, or paper.
Brush on a light coat for a hint of color. For richer, deeper color, apply a heavier layer.
All colors are intermixable and may be blended directly on the painted surface or on a separate palette.
It forms a protective hard skin to keep the paint from drying out until the next use.
The stencil paint has a hard crust on top and some has separated so the price has been heavily reduced.
Must use a stiff brush and dry the brush on a paper towel and test on an old cloth to make sure the consistency is correct before starting on your item.
Only make a very small hole in the hard top crust just enough for your brush. After use put back the skin that has been opened up to prevent further drying out.
It blends beautifully to create darker or lighter areas. See my attempt on calico below.


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