Chromacryl Textile Medium 500ml


Product Description:
A versatile textile medium that converts Chromacryl acrylics into an immediate and washable textile paint or printing ink.

Allows free-hand painting and block or screen printing on fabrics with washfast durability.

Add 1:2 parts of Textile Medium to Chromacryl acrylic paint and stir to blend ingredients. When dry, test the fabric's reaction to heat before fixing. "Fix" the colour by covering the design with a layer of tin foil and thoroughly ironing on a hot setting for at least 2 minutes. Wash in cold, soapy water to leave the fabric feeling soft.

Chromacryl Cool Red and Warm Blue are made from pigments which don't have good resistance to washing powders. These colours should be washed in non-ionic (gentle) washing liquids to prevent colour loss. This product is extremely adhesive. Avoid spillage.

Wash brushes and utensils with cold, soapy water immediately after use.

Health & Safety:
Chromacryl Textile Medium carries the following certifications and classifications for non toxicity:
U.S.A. AP certification (non toxic) - (Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA). Australia: Not classified as Hazardous according to the Criteria of Worksafe Australia.

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  • Manufactured by: Chroma

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