Chromacryl Retarder Medium 500ml


Product Description:
An extender that slows the drying time of Chromacryl acrylic paints.

Keeps acrylic paints workable longer especially in hot, dry conditions. Reduces silk screen blockage and makes eventual cleaning of screens easier. Great for blending colours, particularly in fine, detailed work.

Add Retarder Medium to Chromacryl acrylic paint 1:10 parts by volume.

Clean up:
Wash screens and utensils with cold, soapy water after use.

Health & Safety:
Chromacryl Retarder Medium carries the following certifications and classifications for non toxicity:
U.S.A. AP certification (non toxic) - (Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA). Australia: Not classified as Hazardous according to the Criteria of Worksafe Australia.

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  • Manufactured by: Chroma

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