Oval Doilies: 5 patterns to crochet


Oval Doilies: 5 patterns to crochet by Jo Ann Maxwell. Published by American School of Needlework. ISBN 0-88195-473-X. Pages: 17

Chrysanthemum, Baby's Breath, Gardenia - the beautiful crochet handwork of these floral, oval doilies can never be duplicated by machine, which makes the delicate skill of crocheting even more admirable. This book will help you to create beautiful oval doilies, with just a ball of thread, a steel crochet hook and a pair of loving hands. With detailed instructions and patterns, these projects will easily unfold before your eyes.

Featuring: Abbreviations and Symbols, General Directions, Metric Conversion Charts, Chrysanthemum, Morning Glory, Baby's Breath, Carnation, Gardenia..

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