Baskets and Bowls in thread crochet


Baskets and Bowls in thread crochet by Kathy Wigington. Published by American School of Needlework. ISBN 0-88195-514-0. Pages: 16

An innovative collection of crocheting projects, full of Baskets and Bowls in thread crochet! The 'Rainbow's End' basket could be a delicate way of serving candy, and the 'Ruffles and Ribbons' basket and vase set add charm and grace to any setting. A great collection of crocheting projects as beautiful as cut crystal!

Featuring: General Directions, Abbreviations and Symbols, Ruffles and Ribbons Basket, Crystalline Vase, Crystalline Bowl, A Tisket A Tasket, Rainbow's End Basket, Metric Conversion Charts.

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