Cross Stitch Hearts and Flowers


Cross Stitch Hearts and Flowers by Sam Hawkins. Published by American School of Needlework. ISBN 0-88195-435-7. Pages: 17

Sam Hawkins is a romantic at heart, and perhaps this is what makes his 'hearts and flowers' collection so delightful. This book features a broad range of cross stitch designs, from the elegant to the country; from casual to whimsical. And each of these can be applied to greeting cards, hand towels, pillows, and much more. Add a bit of warmth to your life with Sam Hawkins cross stitch designs.

Featuring: General Directions, Sweet Dreams, Angel Arbour, 'Oh Gosh, for me?', A Heart Full of Love, Grandma's Lockets, Home Sweet Home, Share a Little Love, Home is Where Your Heart Is, Tracery, Welcome Garden, Friendship Circles, Swingtime, United in Marriage, Border of Hearts, Patchwork Parade, Heartpath, Heart-Go-Round..

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