Collector Quilts, and how to make them


Collector Quilts, and how to make them by Marti Michell. Published by American School of Needlework. ISBN 0-88195-390-3. Pages: 44

Quilts that are uniquely different are very collectible and a wonderful investment. This book can help you to create your own collectible antique quilts, focusing on creations in the popular colours of red, white and blue. This book, complete with detailed instructions and pattern pieces, will help you to recreate some of the most recognisable quilt styles.

Featuring: Included projects: Blue and White Double Nine-Patch, Tic Tac Toe, Grandmother's Victory Garden, Wedding Ring, North Wind, Blue and White Drunkard's Path, Red and White Drunkard's Path, Ohio Star, Log Cabin, Feathered Star, Irish Chain, Centennial Star..

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