Wreaths - Basic and Beautiful


Wreaths - Basic and Beautiful by Sherry Robinson. Published by Demis Products. ISBN . Pages: 15

20 wreaths for all occasions! Using a variety of supplies - from ribbons and lace, to silk flowers and dried arrangements - you can make wreaths for all holidays or parts of your home. This wide variety of projects is accompanied by the sound advice of Sherry Robinson, and will help you decorate your home for any occasion with ease.

Featuring: Basic Instructions for Fabric Wreaths, Basic Instructions for Dried Arrangement Wreath Base, Basic Bow Instructions, Heart of the Lily, Mini Heart, Springtime, Lavender Frills, Birds of a Feather, Oh! For a Baby Girl, French Country Blue, Stars and Stripes, Country Heart, Candlelight and Roses, White Christmas, Victorian Elegance, Delicate Lace and Roses, Country Charm, Christmas All A Glitter, Scotties All Around, Classic Country, Cardinal Christmas, Country Gingham Cardinals, Eucalyptus Elegance..

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