Silk Ribbon and Felt Penny Purses


Silk Ribbon and Felt Penny Purses by Julie McGuffee. Published by Design Originals. ISBN . Pages: 23

Penny purses are elegant, simple and inexpensive to make, requiring only felt and 4mm ribbon for embroidery. Many women who grew up in the UK will recognise these purses, and associate them with being dressed in one's 'Sunday Best.' If you would like to rekindle this nostalgia, or simply create something personal and beautiful, making penny purses would be ideal!

Featuring: Basic Tips and Instructions for Penny Purses, Dove, Round Purse, Large Purple Purse, Angel, Small Heart Pin, Star, Stick Horse, White Flower Pin, Christmas Heart, Stockings, Mittens, Christmas Tree, Small Blue Purse, Small Green Purse, Large Blue Purse, Eyeglasses Case, 'Home' Heart Wall Pillow..

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