Bears & More


Bears & More by Suzanne McNeill. Published by Design Originals. ISBN . Pages: 23

You're never too old to hug a Teddy Bear! These delightful plush animals, dressed for a tea party or decorated in Victorian finery, are all sure to brighten anyone's day. Decorate one or dozens of these clever bears for gifts, to sell at bazaars, or for a 'beary best friend!' These projects require stuffed plush bears, cats, and bunnies, and can be completed with assorted pieces of fabric, felt, silk flowers, straw hats and trims.

Featuring: Basic Tips and Instructions for Bears and More, Bear with Folk Art Jacket, Blue Felt Jacket with Collar, Panda Angel, Gingerbread Jacket, Teacher Bear, Fisherman Bear, Gardening Bear, Tea Cup Bear, Bears and Roses Box, 'My Other House' Bear Plaque, Angel Kitty, Naptime Bear, Student Bear, Sewing Bear, Ginger Bear Basket, Christmas Teddy Teapot, Santa Bear Wall Basket, Angel Bear, Garden Teddy Tea Pot, Tea Party Friends, Skool Daze Teapot. .

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