Noah's Ark: Designed for Plastic Canvas

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Noah's Ark: Designed for Plastic Canvas by Sue Penrod. Published by Kappie Originals. ISBN . Pages: 20

A fantastic project in plastic canvas! This project features a totebag in the shape of Noah's Ark, designed to hold all of the ark's animals. Great for kids learning about animals, or those just in need of a soft, safe, portable toy. An ideal project for intermediate users of plastic canvas, who would like to extend themselves.

Featuring: General Information, Stitch Diagrams, Noah's Ark Tote Bag, Elephant, Deer, Buck, Doe, Horse, Panda Bear, Dog, Cow, Llama, Turtle, Tiger, Kangaroo, Camel, Polar Bear, Sheep, Giraffe, Pig, Donkey, Cat, Dove, Zebra, Lion, Monkey..

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