Craft Stick Farm

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Craft Stick Farm by Sigrid Etter. Published by Kappie Originals. ISBN . Pages: 16

A truly innovative project for the simplest of craft materials - craft sticks. Using these basic wooden sticks, glue and a bit of paint, you can help your children build Old MacDonald's entire farm - right from the barn to the pigsty! A fantastic project for school holiday time, or a great model for school projects that require construction.

Featuring: Introduction, Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald's Farm House, Old McDonald's Farm Barn, Old MacDonald's Barn Silo, Old MacDonald's Farm Windmill, Old MacDonald's Soil, Crops, and Grass Sections, Old MacDonald's Farm Fences, Horses, and Cows, Old MacDonald's Farm Tractor and Wagon, Old MacDonald's Feed Trough and Pigs, Old MacDonald and Wife..

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