Bunches of Bunnies: Over 50 Pom Pom Rabbits

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Bunches of Bunnies: Over 50 Pom Pom Rabbits by Kappie Originals. Published by Kappie Originals. ISBN . Pages: 20 Over 50 cute and funny pom pom bunnies, for any occasion! These little bunnies can be used as cake decorations, Christmas ornaments, present toppers, party favours, or even sold as part of a community fete. They're sure to be loved by adults and children alike, for their fluffy cuteness and easy construction.

Featuring: General Directions, Baby Bunny with Rattle, Baby Bunny in Basket, Baby Bunny in Walnut Shell, Bunny on Tricycle, Bunny with Tennis Racquet, Bunny with Megaphone, Bunny with Party Hat, Fireman Bunny, Bunny with Lace Collar, Bunny with Balloon, Bunny with Daisy Hat, Bunny with Football, Bunny Angel, Bunny Businessman, Stuffed Round Bunny, Stuffed Lacey Bunny, Bunny with French Horn, Bunny with Egg and Flower, Bunny Artist, Soccer Ball Bunny, Bunny and Tape Measure, Spool of Thread Bunny, Bunny Pilot, Christmas Bell Bunny, Teacher Bunny, Bunny with Pink Flower, Bunny Golfer, Bunny Santa, Bunny on Baby Block, Halloween Bunny, Student Bunny, Crayon Bunny, Bunny on Present, Bunny on Crayon Stack, Bunny Nurse, Bunny in Red Shoe, Bunny with Boxing Gloves, Bunny Clown, Bunny with Holly, Bunny with Junk Food, Football Player Bunny, Bunny with Bicycle, Bunny with Flower Basket, Jack-O-Lantern Bunny, Graduation Bunny, Jingle Bell Bunny, Christmas Wreath Bunny, Ribbon Rose Bunny, Peppermint Candy Bunny, Floral Bow Bunny, Bow and Bell Bunny, Daisy Bunny, Star Bunny, Country Bunny.

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