Kid's Beaded Jewellery

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Kid's Beaded Jewellery by Fran Brown. Published by Kappie Originals. ISBN . Pages: 12

Looking for a way to involve your kids in craft? 'Kid's Beaded Jewellery' is a great place to start, with many vibrant, colourful projects for children. From basic threading to more complex skills, this book is full of projects that, with a little parental guidance, could turn into a lifelong love of craft. From the fluro to the classic, your kids will find something fun to wear in these pages.

Featuring: General Instructions, Double Pony Bead Necklace, Heart Pony Bead Necklace, Pony Bead Bracelet, Western Bracelet, Heart and Pony Bead Pin, Beaded Bobby Pin, Crystal Bead Pin, Beaded Safety Pin, Beaded Ponytail Holder, Beaded Barrette, Beaded Key Ring, Red White and Blue Bracelet, Red and White Bracelet, Primary Colour Bracelet, Primary Colour Necklace, Pastel Necklace, Beads and Heart Bracelet, Braided Necklace, Key Ring Bracelet, Dress Up Necklace, Dress Up Earrings, Green and Yellow Earrings, Post Pony Bead Earrings, Neon Pony Bead Earrings, Red White and Blue Bracelet, Neon Braid Bracelet, Black Braid Bracelet..

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