Felt Fun for Kids' Rooms


Felt Fun for Kids' Rooms by Lee Lindeman. Published by McCall's. ISBN . Pages: 7

Treat a child to three fabulous flights of fancy! You can turn a child's bedroom into a mythical kingdom, a close encounter in space, or a circus tent - all with little or no sewing. This book is full of great ideas for decorating in felt, and is ideal for novice decorators who would like to create a special kids' space.

Featuring: Dragon Trash Can, Flower People, Unicorns and Winged Horses, Space Creature, Spaceman, Rocket Frame, Space Plaque, Space Felt Board, Space Mobile, Clown Doll, Clown Shoe Bag, Flying Trapeze Plaque, Circus Ponies Pencil Holder, Elephant Picture Frame, "Keep Out" Sign, Elephant Pillow, Circus Wagon Frame, Seal Pillow..

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