Measure the Possibilities with Omnigrid


Measure the Possibilities with Omnigrid by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. Published by Omnigrid, Silver Star. ISBN 0-9638764-0-6. Pages: 64

The secrets in this book will help take your rotary cutting into another dimension, with over 170 step-by-step graphics - for both left and right handed quiltmakers! No templates are necessary, and there are 11 exciting patterns featured - all expertly guided from cutting to final pressing. This book is a great opportunity to learn all about your rotary cutter, Omnigrid rulers, and Omnimats - a great way to perfect your quiltmaking.

Featuring: Rotary Cutter, Helpful Hints for Successful Rotary Cutting, Omnigrid Rulers, Omnimat, Grain Line Chart, Rotary Cutting Shapes (everything from squares to trapezoids, from diamonds to hexagons!), Patterns: Variable Star, Star in the Window, Star at an Angle, Square Within a Star, Melon Patch with a Checkered Border, Spinning Star, Spinning Star on a Point, Large Lone Star, Small Lone Star, Feathered Star, Feathered Star on Point..

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