Plastic Canvas Appliques

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Plastic Canvas Appliques by Joan Green. Published by Pat Depke Books. ISBN . Pages: 15

Introducing repositionable, plastic canvas appliques! These plastic canvas projects are ideal for decorating tote bags, children's lunch bags, cushions or tea cosies - the possibilities are endless. And, they're so easy that one could complete a project each night. Stitch the central motif of these designs without having to waste time filling in a background with colour - decorating with plastic canvas made quick and fun.

Featuring: Veggies, Bunny With Butterfly, Lamb Pull Toy, Child's Lunch Bag, Curly Haired Clown, Lacy Heart, Calico Cat, Seashell Trio, Pastel Heart Quilt Block, Polly Parrot and Toucan Ted, Gilded Butterfly, Spring Flower Ovals - Iris, Tulip and Daffodil..

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