Fun! Crafts for Kids


Fun! Crafts for Kids by Debby Newman. Published by Pat Depke Books. ISBN . Pages: 15

This book is filled with fun craft projects that kids can make. In fact, there are 23 of them! They're all inexpensive, easy-to-make, and most importantly, they’re also fun! Ranging from team spirit pom poms, to friendship bracelets, there are plenty of ideas to get your kids involved in craft. Full of individual and group projects for girls and boys from 5 years up.

Featuring: Puppy Doorknob Hanger, Miniature Trinket Baskets, Fashionable Paper Earrings, Fork Painted Shirts, Recycled Blue Jean Purse, Sandpaper Gingerbread Magnets, Comic Strip Hair Bows, Comic Strip T-Shirt Ring, Vinyl Lacing Bracelet/Eyeglass Strap, Team Spirit Shoe Pom Poms, Braided Bolo Tie, Circle of Friends Bracelet..

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