Towel Tops & Motifs


Towel Tops & Motifs by Vicki Moodie. Published by Craft Moods. ISBN 1 876373 55 5. Pages: 36

Ten towel tops and five towel motifs to knit and crochet using 4 ply cotton. Includes five knitted and five crocheted patterns for towel tops and five crocheted towel motifs in butterfly, basket, parasol, fan and heart designs. Also includes a picture of each design.

Featuring: Dropped stitch (crocheted), Shells and trebles (crocheted), Bricks (crocheted), Shell and lantern (crocheted), Waves (knitted), Diagonal ladders (knitted), Ribbonholes (knitted), Ladders (knitted), Ridges (knitted), Leaves (crocheted), Butterfly motif (crocheted), Fan motif (crocheted), Parasol motif (crocheted), Heart motif (crocheted), Basket motif (crocheted).

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  • Manufactured by: Craft Moods

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