The Painter's Home Companion: Basics Volume 1


The Painter's Home Companion: Basics Volume 1 by Jean Myers & Shirley Wilson. Published by Shirley Wilson's Ladybug Art Centre. ISBN . Pages: 48

Jean Myers & Shirley Wilson take you through their favourite techniques, in a book which is perfect for the beginner painter. With introductions to each aspect of painting - brush strokes, watercolours, colour mixing and much more - 'The Painter's Home Companion' Vol. 1 is a great place to begin painting!

Featuring: Watercolour techniques, Edith Ann Sampler, Bookmarks and Party Invitations, The Cookie Collection Etc., Mice - General Instructions, Mouse Clothing, Mouse Wedding, Holiday Cheers, Cottage Mouse, The Painter's Home Companion, Raspberry Teacakes, Home Sweet Home Mice, Roses and Berries, The Harvest Platter, Windy Hill Still Life, Easy Roses Door Basket, Santa Mice, October Breeze, Good Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Sew Sew Day.

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