Tolehaven Collection: Volume 6


Tolehaven Collection: Volume 6 by Gail Anderson. Published by Viking Folk Art. ISBN . Pages: 43

A book full of Tolehaven florals, from roses to tulips, and from daisies to berries! Gail Anderson offers a wide variety of projects, specially designed for many household objects, and thorough guidance as well. A great chance for the avid painter to decorate!

Featuring: Supplies, Sources, Basic Techniques, Birds Blossoms and Berries, Cabinet Motif, Floral Medley, Clock Motif, Bench Motif, Sewing Basket Motif, It Must Be Summer, Wastebasket Motif, Oven Mitt Motif, Flower Pot Candleholder Motif, Cutting Board Motif, Round Box Lid Motif, A Burst Of Spring, Hand Lotion Dispenser Motif, Lamp Motif, Tray Motif, Fancy Floral, Magazine Rack Motif, An English Garden, Mirror Motif, Table and Cabinet Motif, An English Garden.

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