Ultra Gloss Painting


Ultra Gloss Painting by Doxie Keller. Published by Design Originals. ISBN . Pages: 23

Follow these never-fail glass painting techniques for stunning dinner or glassware! Hand painted glass needn't be expensive, and even then, why must it be mass produced? These ultra gloss painting techniques make it easy to achieve your own vision of the ideal dinner service. You'll find that painting on china is just as easy as painting on paper!

Featuring: Basic Tips and Instructions for Ultra Gloss Painting, Strawberries, Southwest Tile Coasters, Painted Catsup Bottle, Striped Jars, Embossed Glass, Potpourri Bottle, Christmas Animals, Christmas Necklaces, Santa Glass Cookie Jar, Lightbulb Santa, Storage Jars, Grapes Jar, Daisies Jar, Daisy Tile Coasters, Sunflower Jar, Sunflower Plate, Blue Flowers, Man in the Moon Bottle, Watermelon Jar, Plastic Salad Oil Bottle, Red Checks, Wood and Glass Heart, Red Heart Jelly Jar, Finger Flowers, White Dot Flowers, Ivy Leaves..

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