Fantastic Face Natalie Blue 21-100


Iron-On/Sew-On Doll Face Appliqués. For Dolls 20”(51cm) to 24”(61cm).

Hello ! I’m Natalie. I want to escape from this package and become your beautiful doll, someone for you and your friends to love and admire. I promise to add beauty, value, and quality to your work, so you will be proud of me.

I am easy to apply, too ! and by choice of spacing I can have a wide or narrow face, or fit a large or small doll head. Also, I can be applied to a cut out cloth pattern or to a finished head.

Start by placing my eyes, mouth, etc., in approximate position, and then move them around until you are satisfied. Use a soft pencil or erasable disappearing fabric marker and lightly mark the preferred position. Next, carefully trim off any loose threads and unwanted edges. Lay appliqués, glue side down, in desired location. Set iron at medium hot temperature, and then place iron directly on appliqués pressing firmly. Apply even pressure for 45 seconds. Or, hand stitch face pieces into desired position with colour matching thread. This is all there is to it.

You have given me life! I’m your new friend. Natalie.

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