Wild Goose Chase: Super Simple Quilts #5


Wild Goose Chase: Super Simple Quilts #5 by Kathleen Eaton. Published by Contemporary Quilting. ISBN 0-8019-8339-8. Pages: 16

Have you been wanting to make a quilt, but either lacked the time or felt overwhelmed by tricky projects? The 'Super Simple Quilts' series is a wonderful way for a beginner to begin making quilts, or a good basis for an your own, more advanced, personalised designs. This book from the series brings you the popular 'flying geese' pattern, known here as the 'Wild Goose Chase' quilt. With the marvellous instructions in this book, you can now make this iconic quilt for your own home.

Featuring: Make a Quilt, Make a Crib Quilt, Make a Wall Hanging, Make a Throw Pillow, Make Your Own Pillow Form, Make a Removable Chair Pad Cover, How to Make Matching Ruffling and Bias Cording for Pillows, Shams and Chair Pads, Make a Placemat, Make a Standard Pillow Sham..

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