The Milky Way Quilt


The Milky Way Quilt by Jean Wells. Published by C&T Publishing. ISBN 0-914881-50-7. Pages: 22

The Milky Way block design is based on an interlocking star, with the four patch section of each block adding an extra dimension - one that changes with the use of colour. And although this beautiful, traditional pattern appears complex, it is made easy by the expert guidance of Jean Wells. Jean's 'Patchwork Quilts Made Easy' series helps bring the beauty of antique-style quilts into the homes and crafty hands of all beginners.

Featuring: Getting Started, What is a Quilt?, Projects, Basic Construction Techniques, Twilight Stars, Star Gardens, Galaxy Quilt, Star Chain Quilt, Milky Way Placemat, Finishing the Quilt..

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