Varnishes & Mediums

Chromacryl's extensive range of Varnishes and Mediums have been designed to extend and enhance the performance of Chromacryl acrylic paints.
Chromacryl Acrylic paint can be painted onto most surfaces including: Canvas, paper, card, illustration board, wood, fabric, plaster, masonry and for decorative effects on metal, plastic & glass when you use the right mediums and varnishes.
The range includes mediums to prepare paint surfaces, achieve paint effects such as transparent color glazing, slow paint drying time, add interesting textures and protect the surface of completed artworks.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
PK8064 Chromacryl Binder Medium 500ml

Chromacryl Binder Medium 500ml

Product Description: The most versatile Chromacryl medium. An ideal primer for all painting surfaces eg: paper, cardboard, canvas, hardboard etc. to...


Max: 12

PK8034 Chromacryl Clear Gel 500ml

Chromacryl Clear Gel 500ml

Product Description: A clear medium extender that changes the coverage quality of paint and ink to achieve colour glazes without effecting pigments....


Max: 4

PK8123 Chromacryl Gesso 250ml

Chromacryl Gesso 250ml

Product Description: The ultimate primer for preparing surfaces for acrylic and oil painting such as canvas, cardboard, illustration board, paper...


Max: 11

PK8024 Chromacryl Impasto Gel 500ml

Chromacryl Impasto Gel 500ml

Product Description: An impasto gel medium which adds "body" to acrylic paints, allowing thick structure and textures. Can also be used to create...


Max: 3

PK8074 Chromacryl Retarder Medium 500ml

Chromacryl Retarder Medium 500ml

Product Description: An extender that slows the drying time of Chromacryl acrylic paints. Features: Keeps acrylic paints workable longer especially...


Max: 3

PK8044 Chromacryl Textile Medium 500ml

Chromacryl Textile Medium 500ml

Product Description: A versatile textile medium that converts Chromacryl acrylics into an immediate and washable textile paint or printing ink....


Max: 8

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