Hoops : Wood : Flexi : Steel

Round wooden embroidery and quilting hoops available in all sizes.
We also stock steel tension hoops and Flexi Hoops in wood grain and assorted colours.

All hoops are sold price is per 1 single hoop.

Small Flexi Hoops in round or oval make great Xmas decorations, simply embroider a Xmas decoration on some fabric and frame it with these hoops.

New Craft Supplies For October - Hoops : Wood : Flexi : Steel

Quilting Hoop 16in 1p
Quilting Hoop 16in 1p Internal measurement 15 3/4 iinches External measurement 16 3/8ths...

Go Craft Product

Flexi Hoop Oval 2x3in; L Blue 1p
Flexi Hoop Oval 2x3in; L Blue 1p Weight 22grams...

Go Craft Product

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