Feathers : Turkey : Marabou

Craft.com.au is your first choice for quality decorative feathers, Ostrich Feathers, Turkey Quills, Hackle Feathers, Guinea Hen Feathers, Feather Tape, Duck Feathers, Chandelle, Feather Boas and Feather Fans.
Feathers, soft and fluffy are essential craft items for kid's craft projects. They are in floral arrangements and for decorating costumes, hats, sweaters, hair accessories etc. Shop online to select from our unique high quality collection and find the one that's perfect for your need. They add Cheery Softness & Colour to Our World! We have both dyed and natural colour feathers.

New Craft Supplies For June - Feathers : Turkey : Marabou

Mask Form ½ face plastic moulded
Strong, can be painted, or decorated....

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Turkey Quills 6p
The feathers have no blemishes and perfect in all respects. They are perfect for angel wings, craft applications and fly tying for fishermen, Hats, Millinery, Fashion Accessories, Home Decor, Native A...

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