Marabou Feathers are available in assortment color packs, Marabou Long and also as Marabou Trim. You can get them in variety of colors to suit your need.

Marabou feathers are used by ladies for head-gear, Doll Making, Jewelry Making, Scrapbooking etc. Also they are ideal for wedding accessories, floral accents and millinery. Add elegant touches to tabletops, favors, invitations, centerpieces, bouquets, shoe tops, children's dress and more with these delicate marabou feathers.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Long Marabou Asst Earth $4.29

Max: 71

Long Marabou Asst Earth

Feathers approx 4-6in. Approx 40 feathers. ΒΌ oz pack. Colours:Eggshell, Brown, Rust, Beige
Marabou Long Celedon $4.18

Max: 3

Marabou Long Celedon

Marabou Long Country Blue $4.18

Max: 42

Marabou Long Country Blue

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