We stock a vast collection of Deco Art Mediums formulated to customize your need.

Brush ‘n Blend Extender is a water-based medium that, when mixed with Americana Acrylics or Crafter's Acrylic, extends the drying and blending times and can be used for faux finishes and transparent effects.

DecoArt Glo-in-the-dark Medium adds luminescence to acrylics.

DecoArt Clear-Tex can be mixed with virtually any water-based acrylic colour to create textured colors that can be exact colour matches.

Colour Resist works as a masking medium for fabric painting projects.

Control Medium slows down the drying time of the paint, giving the painter more time to blend colors without thinning the consistency of the paint.

Faux Glazing Medium can be used for professional-looking faux finishes on walls, furniture etc.

Magic Medium is used to create the look of stained glass.

DecoArt Pearlizing So Soft Fabric Medium is used with So-Soft Acrylic colors to make a pearl paint for fabric.

Staining/Antiquing Medium is applied on wood as a stain or used on pre-painted items as an antiquing medium.

Stamping Mediumis mixed with acrylic paints to give them the consistency for clean, sharp stamped images on a variety of stampable surfaces.

Texturizing Medium of this family creates a sand-like texture that is ideal for boxes, picture frames, vases and papier maché.

Thickening Medium yields a thick, dimensional texture paint for creating designs such as fish scales, flowers and mountains.

Product Image Price- Item Name
DecoArt Brush 'N Blend Extender 2oz $2.50


DecoArt Brush 'N Blend Extender 2oz

DecoArt Clear-Tex 2oz $2.50


DecoArt Clear-Tex 2oz

DecoArt Clear-Tex 4oz $4.50


DecoArt Clear-Tex 4oz

DecoArt Control Medium 2oz $2.50


DecoArt Control Medium 2oz

DecoArt Control Medium 8oz $5.95


DecoArt Control Medium 8oz

DecoArt Easy Float 2oz $2.50


DecoArt Easy Float 2oz

DecoArt Magic Medium 4oz $4.95


DecoArt Magic Medium 4oz

DecoArt Magic Medium Adhesive 2oz $4.95


DecoArt Magic Medium Adhesive 2oz

DecoArt Magic Medium Black Leading 2oz $4.95


DecoArt Magic Medium Black Leading 2oz

DecoArt Magic Medium Gold Leading 2oz $4.95


DecoArt Magic Medium Gold Leading 2oz

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