Kits for Children


These kits come in an assortment of colours, not necessarily as the model shown.

The model shown is the completed kit.

The kit comes complete with beads and everything required to finish, and instructions.

These are very easy and would be suitable for 5 years and over. A great way for children to learn about colour and counting using beads.

The pattern can be adapted to use up odds and ends.

If a large qty of Grapes, Worms, Butterflies, Icicles or Angels is required please ask us for the bulk amounts to purchase as this makes these kits very economical.

Product Image Price- Item Name
Beautiful Butterflies Kit (makes 2) $5.50


Beautiful Butterflies Kit (makes 2)

This will keep the young ones busy all day!! They will look great hanging from a branch with the worms, grubs and caterpillars!!
Bunches of Grapes (complete kit) $11.00


Bunches of Grapes (complete kit)

Friendship Bracelet Kit, Kit makes 2. $5.50


Friendship Bracelet Kit, Kit makes 2.

Easy to do, all you need to do is plait. Kits come pre packed, one colour cord and 2 sets of beads (10 per each set)
Greg the Grub (complete kit) $5.50


Greg the Grub (complete kit)

Icicle Kit $5.50


Icicle Kit

Katie Caterpillar Kit $7.70


Katie Caterpillar Kit

The caterpillar is easy to make and can be used as a learning aid or an attractive decoration on Xmas Tree.
Snowflake Angel $5.50


Snowflake Angel

Teardrop Angel Kit $5.50


Teardrop Angel Kit

Threading Kit $5.50


Threading Kit

Kit Contains:- Plastic Canvas, S'Getti String, Sparkly Fibre and some Beads. Great starter kit for kids to learn how to sew.
Willie Worm Kit $5.50


Willie Worm Kit

New Craft Supplies For January - Kits for Children

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